Trifecta of power consumption?

A Spider with WiFi, GPS and Cell.

I think I am having either power or heat issues. When all are connected I issues with the Spider getting into a reboot cycle.

For power source I have a 9V 1000mA wall adapter. However the DP module gets awfully hot very quickly. I think it’s the device near the red led which is black and has 3 connectors on one side and 1 wide one on the other. It gets very hot - almost untouchable.

Is my DP suspect?

Is my power source not powerful enough?

Can I rig it so from an extender between the DP and Spider, that the cell gets power that way?

Eventually I’d like to put all of these in a box, but am worried about the heat.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for assistance with my many questions - I am new to the Gadgeteer game.

I think this is normal as DP module is good for 800mA max but ideally 500mA.

We are currently adding power consumption info to each product so you can easily see what works and what doesn’t. Give us few days.

Ok - that would be helpful.

Any suggestions on what type of power module I should get - something like 9V and 500mA?

Did I read that you guys are working on a higher power DP?

Yes higher power is to come soon.

I think you can use sp module with powered hub but we need the new numbers.

Yes higher power is to come soon. [/quote]

+1 !

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I was wondering,
wouldn’t it be better if the Gadgeteer team rewrote the specs for Modules that require higher Power consumption to include their own way of adding external power…
For example: let’s assume a GPS Module consumes 1A which is more than what the DP can handle, what if that Module has an on board plug and some circuit that would allow it to automatically switch to using the on board plug/power when that plug is connected… so the user will have a choice to use direct power when necessary…

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That makes huge amounts of sense. I know some modules allow for external power input on the pads.

You mean like how our motor module needs external power? :slight_smile:
I think this is common sense for anyone with a bit of electronics understanding.

With Gadgeteer you’re bringing in more people without electronics understanding … much like myself.

Question: if you were to split the power coming out of the DP, would be able source the power needed?

In my non-electronics-minded mind, the power is having to go to through the mainboard before going to the module needing the power.

So perhaps an power splitter module? It would sit in between the module and mainboard - it would have an input & output socket (kinda like an extender), but it wouldn’t pass though the +5/+3.3/GND pins. Those could come an external source.

You could then put an extender between the DP and board, and have that feed the splitter module.

But if the DP is not providing enough power, then this is pointless.

My comment was to the manufacture not the user. I really hope the manufacture making gadgeteer products will know what they are doing.

I think you accidentally double posted the exact same message.

I did – I meant to edit, but I must have quoted.

What about my idea for the power splitter? Would it accomplish what I am hoping it might?


good idea

Splitting the power, depending on how/where done, will only split what power is available at that point. If you split that on the 5v side of the DP module, then you only get access to the output of the DP’s converter, and you can’t draw more power than those components can convert in total (which is 800mA, correct?). If you are talking about splitting off the input side of the DP module, then you can only draw a combined total of whatever the DP input source will be, whether that’s 1000mA or 1500mA or more; but then you’ll still need to convert it at the point you want to use it, into whatever voltage you need.

Sometimes a gadget can have high power draw because it combines a number of medium-power-hungry modules. Having power specs available for each module would certainly help diagnose these cases. Perhaps it makes sense to integrate max expected current consumption into the Gadgeteer module .xml manifest so that the designer can flag potential power consumption issues?


Is there a list somewhere that details the power consumption for all the modules??

We were going to add them then email you guys about using them in the designer :slight_smile: looks we are on the same page as always.

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[quote]Perhaps it makes sense to integrate max expected current consumption into the Gadgeteer module .xml manifest so that the designer can flag potential power consumption issues?

This is such a great idea!

While I am waiting for the high power module, any suggestions on how to power my setup? My desired solution will be mobile, so some time there will WiFi and sometimes not. Usually there’ll be Cell, but WiFi is for free, so that would be preferred.

It keeps going into a reboot cycle - with the WiFi connected, once the Cell tries to get on the GPRS/GSM network, it reboots. It’s fine while the Cell is searching, just when it tries to join, it has issues.

I have USB and 9V 1A into the DP module.

Would a higher voltage (12V for example) power supply help?

Thanks again