It would be nice to have a thread/Topic where you could buy and sell old stuff, electronics. I have purchased a lot of things that I’ve only used a few times. Afterwards that I found something that works better for me.
If I could sell them and buy another part from someone else and not spent too much money it would be great.

I do not know policy here, but I do think it be too devastating for the sales department if we could trade old stuff.


Yes that can work some times but it is not electronic specific. I don’t use ebay only my regions trading sites where they not often sale this kind of stuff. And ebay is not a community where you can talk/comment about the item you bye.
If I want to sel my item let say my GE863-QUAD breakout board that I don’t need, I know that I lot
of FEZ member do need this and I would probably sale this faster than on ebay.
Same goes the other side if I see something that I like and want too try it out I would probably bye it, if the price was right. And wen I do so I know that is a member of a serious community that most probably wont hassle me.
Any way it was just a thought.