Tour Guide in San Francisco?

My wife and I are visiting San Francisco this summer. Anyone know a guide for a private day tour?

Embedded experience not necessary. ;D

@ Mike - Ive never been but for all expenses paid, I will be your guide but I can’t promise we won’t speak “embedded”

@ Gary - I could not let you cover the costs of our vacation. Thanks for the offer.


Where are you coming from? Is it just you and your wife? When will it be?

I lived in the bay area for 30+ years, and I know lots of people who might be willing, but there are lots of different kinds of people who like different kinds of tours…

What are you looking to see?

Standard stuff like the GG Bridge, Coit tower, Fisherman’s wharf, Alcatraz, Lombard street … or are you more of an “Academy of sciences”, “Fort Point civil war ruins”, “Exploratorium”, “Golden Gate Park” type?

Or a “Haight-Ashbury”, “Castro District”, type?

Lots of walking, or mostly driving?

My kiwi wife loves san francisco… but she was shocked by the homeless. So be warned if you are coming from somewhere with no homeless.

I would also recommend a Ssilicon Valley" tour… visit Nvidia, Dell, HP, AMD, Intel, Cisco, Google, Adobe, Agilent, Oracle, Tesla, Qualcomm, Altera, Atmel, Dolby Labs, Facebook, Fairchild, Tivo, SanDisk, Xylinx, Yahoo, Ebay, LinkedIn, Shutterfly, Symantec, Netflix, Netgear, VMWare, Intuit, LSI, Pandora, Apple, Infoblox, Xerox, Philips, Hitachi, National Semiconductor, Molex, Twitter, Western Digital, Seimens, SAP, and a billion other companies.

Go to their gift shops or take tours. I listed Nvidia first because I have an AWESOME Nvidia Ice-cream-scoop they gave me for visiting. The silicon Valley Museum is kind of small, but it has some very cool stuff, like the original apple 1 from jobs’/woz’s garage, and a full size Babbage engine. (but there is no netmf port for it yet)

And if you are brave, you can even visit Pixar in Emeryville. Just watch your wallet.