Touchscreen busted?

My program may have gone haywire, but I think its electrical…the touchscreen (7 inch) does nothing, even with a simple demo test program (which always worked before). My program was working “ok” with occasional crashes, then became unresponsive at some point.

I tried reloading the bootloader & the CLR system & my code, but no luck…I am assuming this would wipe out everything 100% so its not a case of some wrong touch control register cal value sitting around, preventing a response.

The display is working fine–nice images still show up. I’ve wiggled the cables, removed/reseated them (even swapped the LCD cable ends) tapped on the board a good bit, nada. The flex from the touchscreen looks good under moderate magnification–no gaps are seen.

Did you calibrate the screen?

there is NO RESPONSE from touchpad…the screen images are fine
I reloaded everything possible, down to the bootloader…the demo program no longer shows any response at all.

are their restored values that might prevent the touch from working AT ALL , even after system software reloading? Is there any debugging possible? I don’t think any value is being read.

Maybe values are way off?

There is a driver on code share for manual collection. Maybe give it a try.