Touch screen on ud7000

No hard interrupts

Is there a debounce machinism for touch ?

On ST processors, only one interrupt can be active on a given pin-number within a port at a time. For example, if you have an interrupt on PA3, you cannot have one on PB3. PB4 is fine though. In this case, the touch interrupt is pin PE3, so you cannot have an interrupt on PI3, SYSD.

OK, thanks

I randomly get this exception when handling an event from touch:

I am using ‘TouchDown’ event

I also get this exception randomly on touch handling:

We would need to connect am analyzer to see what is happening on the bus but can you for now catch and discard those exceptions?

I can’t get it to give me any exceptions. Can you narrow it down some more?

It happens completely randomly. Just now, on first press after reset. It seemed to happen more often if I hold down. I am using the touchdown event. I have also used the touchmove. touchup didn’t give any event.

Do you have any other code in your system or any devices connected to the UCM dev board beyond the display?

I am using CAN

Just for testing, create a brand new project and only add code to draw on the screen when a touch occurs. No CAN or anything else.