Too many open file handles

Hi there,

I unexpectedly ran in into a " toomanyopenhandles" exception…IOException.IOExceptionErrorCode Enumeration (System.IO) | Microsoft Learn

I cannot find the cause of this exception as I think no more than 8 files are opened. But perhaps under the hood, many are…
What is the limit of NETMF, and is there a way to query/monitor the number of handles?

Thanks for the quick response… Just 8!!

@ andre.m - sure at the nineth the exception occurred :smiley:

Is it documented somewhere? Is there more information (best practices) on developing applications considdering the limited resources?

Seems a good idea, that implies I have to “timeshare” the handles…
As my application logs data with just once a minute, that should not be a problem.

Ok, thanks for the input, I will try this asap.

What I meant with timesharing: I was thinking about using just 1 file handle for all my 8 or more data files. After each read/write action not disposing the static handle, so I keep always access to the file system…and leave 7 handles to the system. Whether this is correct I dont know… ???