Too few amps for my fan

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I have myself a 12v 1600maH battery pack which I put to a 12v 2700maH fan. The fan starts up without hickups. But I was wondering how it is that the battery pack could run something which requires a highter amps rating.

A fully loaded 1600maH battery will run a 1600maH device for an hour. Will it also run a 3200maH device for half an hour? And a 6400maH device for a quarter of an hour?

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Your battery can provide 1600ma for one hour. This is not the maximum amperage of your battery, which is usually very high depending on the battery.

1600maH is not the only parameter, for example if your device can work on a voltage range from 11.8V to 12V and consume 1600mA. Saying that your device will work properly for an hour is a wrong assumption. Indeed the voltage will fall down and probably that few minutes after starting your device wil stop. (For a Fan, this is not very important, the consumption is high while starting and the fan components are not voltage sensitve).

The battery is this: Lynxmotion - 12.0 Volt Ni-MH 1600mAh Battery Pack

So it’s like this? (picture)

@ harleydk - That battery can discharge at 16A

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Have a look at here

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