Tomorrow I Read Entertainment Weekly

You know, for the ads: Entertainment Weekly print edition comes with a 'smartphone-like Android device' | Engadget

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@ Skewworks - wicked…

The issue is selling already since October 1. I have checked two local Barnes&Noble stores and they only have regular EW 10/05 issues. No phone inside.

Boo! Well, I’ll see if I can find one. I know my fiance is always reading that mag so it’s possible there’s already one in my house :slight_smile:

Well, if you come across an extra one I would appreciate if you grab one for me.

Will do!

Very cool!

I’m going to get one and see who I can call :slight_smile:

@ mhectorgato - the fashion police :smiley:

That is very cool, but I suspect limited to where ever they have made deals with a service provider, which likely doesn’t include Canada, so I’m outta luck for grabbing one of those to play with.

I checked the local Target and they only had the regular, boring magazine with no shiny. Oh well.