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To Panda or not to Panda?...this is the question!


It’s really not fair to compare FEZ Domino to Arduino. There are a lot features that Arduino will never have.

We’re making a new board that has less than FEZ Domino but it is still has more features then Arduino, Netduino, Maple, Seeduino and any other board you can think of. Not to mention the price will beat every single board.

Since this is our baby FEZ, should it be called FEZ Panda or FEZduino? Note that this is aimed at users who use Arduino so the name will probably help with recognition. We want new users to try the board and see the potential in NETMF.

You can see the board specifications here:

If it was up to you, would you name it FEZ Panda or FEZduino? Please pick one.






Panda - the name is good, but if adding a ‘,uino’ helps people to relate then may be we can have two names for the same product.


Panda, for no other reason than it’s different - besides, I’m not convinced the “duino” suffix will materially affect the exposure these boards are sure to get.

FWIW, someone dinged the Netduino folks for using the “duino” suffix:



Generally “duino” is added to something that is not an official Arduino board but is an Arduino. None of the FEZs are Arduino clones. Being pin compatible does not make it an Arduino.

Ever hear of someone down badging their car?


Yes Mike, thanks! This is what I have been telling them … maybe they will listen to you :slight_smile:

Their point was that if you are a very much beginner in the embedded world and all you know is an Arduino then you will be afraid to try something else. So, a similar name will maybe make that you more comfortable about trying it…possible benefit but I can think of many other bad reasons if FEZduino name was used.

I will not back down…will still fight for the FEZ Panda name


I would go for Panda without any suffix.

May be the (similar) shape would convince them to try it too. Just like me when I first saw FEZ Domino! :smiley:


Couldn’t agree more, avoid the “duino” if possible, and keep the Fez Panda as a Panda. I wouldn’t want the “duino” thing to ever get in the road of progress. It’s all about marketing, and the name doesn’t have to reflect something people “know” if you do a good job of positioning it


So glad everyone went with Panda, sounds a lot better. My two cents. :smiley:


Fez Panda. :)) but if you really need to put the duino thing. Just make it straight forward, like FEZ DUINO-KILLER. :smiley:


I hope so, please no duino name. Panda please! ::slight_smile: