Tips for good and small Guides, Tutorials, Codesnippet for newbie

Hello People!

You have to excuse my bad English because I’m from Sweden :slight_smile:

So here is the problem, i have bought a Fez Pand II with alot of components like 16x4 LCD, LEDs, Resistors, Led Bar Graph, 7 Segment, Cables, clutch plate? and more (see the picture).

I want a guide/tutorial/code snippet that says how to get two led’s to blink separately from each other and another guide/tutorial/code snippet that shows how to Write out little text on the LCD (HD44780) with FEZ panda.

I would appreciate if you find something for me.

Best and warmest regards from David in Sweden

all you asked for is here Support – GHI Electronics and

start with the ebooks beginner and internet of things.

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the forums

As Gus says, the core of what you’ll be needing is in the getting started e-book, and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t already code for most of the devices you’re looking at on the codeshare site. For your HD44780 LCD, the simplest code to use will be that of the GHI LCD & Button shield, but changing that for how you have yours wired up…

While talking about wiring, you didn’t mention if you needed help with wiring the device up; let us know if you do!

good luck, enjoy Fezzing !