Terrorgen posted a great DLL on Fezzer that improves render speed dramatically, however there is absolutely no source and I can’t find an actual license for it. So…

What I’d like to do is develop my own version and post it under the Apache 2.0 license. The original author claims to be directly accessing the display RAM. If anyone can point me in the right direction to get started on this (perhaps somewhere in the porting kit?) I’d appreciate it. ;D

I will contact the original author (Hongfeng Liu) to see if he is releasing the source and how he is releasing it… I have his sample code but there is nothing mentioned there.

How fast is it compared to GHIs implementation? I have no idea since I dont have an LCD to work with right now.

BTW he ported System.Windows.Forms as well.

I haven’t checked myself yet, I thought your Fezzer post said you’d confirmed 3-5x faster; my mistake. :-[

I’ll check it against Pyxis (which is WPF free) when I have a chance.

Sorry to get back to you this late. What exactly do you mean by writing you own version? Do you need the source for the C# level or to the C/C++ level?

Please let me know.