TinyGUI, a smaller UI library for .NETMF

I posted this UI library from Yefan Qiu, who is a team member of Microsoft China’s .NET MF development team, in Fezzers. Yefan is a very active .NETMF developer in China and does not come to any of the English forums since he claims he does not have a good command of English. I think our community will really appreciate his work since with TinyGUI all FEZes can do GUI now!

Hope this will inspire more and more Fezzers and bring more possibilities to our projects.


I am not able to download your zip file.

Have you seen the GHI graphical lib? It does have 3 font sizes and all kind of shapes already to use any display http://www.fezzer.com/project/31/graphical-128x64-uext/

Seriously I did not, since I don’t own an LCD for now.
:-[ :-[

Anyway Gus, if you think it is inappropriate, feel free to delete it. :wink: