TinyCLR with the LPC810M021FN8FP on a breadboard?

Is it possible to us TinyCLR on a breadboard with the LPC810M021FN8FP?


I think that’s a wee bit short on RAM.

We have not done any work with cortex M0 yet and we do not know what the minimum requirements are yet.

Well one solution to the RAM issue is to mount a external storage device and use virtual memory.

Then why not just get a larger micro with more RAM?!

I am looking for a cheap DIP package to put on a breadboard. Do you have another suggestion?

If you have external memory then it is no longer small and work on a breadboard.

I am not aware of such chip but you can use our TH boards

G30 Throughhole. Fits in a DIP40 socket.

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