TinyCLR vs .NETMF for today's embedded app

This is a tricky question I am sure.

We want to start developing an product, however, with TinyCLR in its infancy it appears that .NETMF is still the mature (and tested?) option.

My question is, with the old GHI site about to die. Will support for the GHI Implementation of .NETMF die along with it? The last thing we want to do is build something on a framework that won’t be supported.

Things that I think make the .NETMF the best choice (which TinyCLR currently lacks)

  1. RLP - Almost a must
  2. IFU
  3. Register Access
  4. USB Client
  5. SQLite Database

Look forward to opinions.

Side question, how does one acquire a G400 Dev Board? (400DB-SM-547)Mouser is out

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yes, NETMF 4.3 QFE2 released 3 years ago is still the preferred and recommended for production
TinyCLR OS is still alpha and missing features you seems to require

regarding support, if you find a bug in NETMF you have bad cards to have it solved, if its related to GHI’s code it looks like it depends

One quick note is that both RLP and register access are possible in TinyCLR today. Take a look at http://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/tinyclr/porting/native_interops.html for how RLP is done now and System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal for register access.

The above linked post is correct, TinyCLR is the replacement for NETMF going forward. We’re working hard to get feature parity.


The answer really depends on your timeline. NETMF is what is complete and mature so it is the way forward fi you are releasing a product in the next few months. If you are in designing a product to be released in a few months, TinyCLR is thee right path for you. Either way, I suggest you get in touch with our team about your commercial design. They may have additional info that is not out in the open yet :slight_smile:

For the dev board, the new UCM DEV board replaces the old one. There will be several announcements about what is new in the coming week. But like I said, you can always get in touch with our team to get further details.


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no, I think he, like many, appreciate Gus’s openness to answer a hard question.


He has been an extremely helpful community member and a great contributor. People like him are the reason we love what we do.


I give one like to you too.

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I like reading anyone’s contribution to someone question, yours too Kevin which i have seen often!
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I think everyone appreciates everyone that contributes, including you.
Lets keep it going!
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I would like to expand on the USB Client needs for the G400 family. We would like to see both a bulk and interrupt end point available at the same time. Also a way of enabling USB High Speed mode.

This would make for better USB solution, in our product anyways.



Is there a timeline for TinyCLR to reach feature parity with NETMF? Ideally with the individual features listed out. I am very interested in jumping from NETMF as the support transfers, but we need CAN, IFU etc fully working before we do that.



The obstacle was building the core to then start on working on the individual features. We are making an announcement this week specifically about this.

Thanks Gus,

I shall keep an eye out :slight_smile: