TinyCLR OS NuGet v2.0.0. and G80 board

After upgrading to latest NuGet packages for TinyCLR OS v2.0.0 it seems to me that the GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Pins package does no longer contain pins for the G80 board.

Is the G80 no longer supported and if so, is there any way around this in creating my own pins or would that not work?

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All old products, everything not SITCore, is only supported through netmf. If you want to enjoy TinyCLR, which is awesome by the way, you need a SITCore hardware.

Is it time to upgrade?

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just to be clear. There IS a build of tinyclr 1.x that will work on a G80 and the older generation of processors, but it’s not being developed, it’s not supported, and you’re pretty much on your own. GHIs recommendation is to move to new hardware for the newest of capabilities, or move back to netmf as a stable long-term supported platform but also note that no new development from GHI is occurring in the netmf world.

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That is correct Brett but my fear is that TinyCLR 1.0 can leave a bad impression on a new user that doesn’t realize that TinyCLR 2.0 and now 2.1 are much more developed, feature full and completely stable. Maybe we should remove 1.0 and move on.


I’d agree in general… but in this case, I suspect @hanzibal has previously tried 1.x on the G80 already, so it really needs some clean way of informing people that just updating your nugets doesn’t help. Maybe it needed to be said like: “that build of TinyCLR 1.x that you were previously using on your G80 is the last build that was ever released for the G80 generation processors; GHI suggest you move to TinyCLR 2.x and the new SITCore processor generation, or move back to the legacy (but still supported) netmf builds for your older generation kit, as the TinyCLR1.x builds were an interim step and are no longer developed/supported.”

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I am curious now @hanzibal have you used TinyCLR 1.0 before?

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@gus I was thinking

was my evidence :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the info.

Originally, I was using Cerb40 (!!) boards but upgraded to the G80s just for the sake of TinyCLR OS and so now I need to get SITCore. Very clever there GHI :slight_smile:

@Brett is correct btw - I was using TinyCLR OS 1.x with my G80 boards prior to upgrading and was kind of looking forward to use some of the new features but I’ll have a look at the SITCode hw.

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