TinyCLR OS 2.0 - FileStreaming

is there any command

  • for file DELETE on USB / SD CARD …
    there’s already sample
    - how to create ,
    - read and write

but there’s no sample how to delete it ???

or i can’t figure it .

try to use

 var drive = GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.IO.FileSystem.Mount(storageController.Hdc);

Let us know if that works or not !


do not work ?

(Maybe I am using SD CARD)
(and no error during calling this) !!!

var  sd = StorageController.FromName(SC20100.StorageController.SdCard);

 /* set drive */
var  drive = FileSystem.Mount(sd.Hdc);

string filename="test.txt";
var directory = new DirectoryInfo(drive.Name);
var path = $@"{directory}{filename}";

Mean doesn’t work?

Doesn’t work :unamused: