TinyCLR on STM32F407


Is there TinyCLR firmware for STM32F407?

with cerb (stm32f405) code you could easy create stm32f407 port …

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Is there a pre-compiled TinyCLR firmware for stm32f405 or stm32f407? Does everybody compile a port every time for themselves?

CC @Gus_Issa


You can use same stm32f405 port to create variant for stm32f407
and compile once and save somewhere and use when you need it

  • but this version is not supported -
    for supported version please check SiteCore variants
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@valon_hoti_gmail_com Do you mean that in order to use currently supported version of TinyCLR, I have to buy a microcontroller from GHI with already uploaded firmware? Or there is an option to use latest version of TinyCLR on my stm32f4 boards? Could you please share a link? I can’t find anything related since 99% of links are broken.

STM32F402/5/7 etc families are NOT capable of running TinyCLR OS 2.x and beyond. Only newer processors that support proper security are going to be used for TinyCLR in the future.

GHI have said that you’re facing two choices - use netmf that is mature and we all know it’s foibles, or stay with an unsupported TinyCLR OS 1.x that isn’t getting maintained. Of course we all hope that many people faced with this choose to move to SitCore processors that have inherent security to meet the world’s current threat landscapes.


As @Brett said TinyCLR 1.0 is not supported and not recommended.

You can use netmf or nanoframework. Both are open source and perfect to get any project started. TinyCLR 2.0 only runs on SITCore and it is focused on commercial use. It simply just perfectly works, nothing to tweak and nothing to compile… And comes with GHI’s legendary support.


old TinyCLR OS ports - unsupported

old downloads for TinyCLR OS - at bottoms

  • but as @Gus_Issa better for you if not commercial to use .NET Microframework or nanoframework
    but if you want support than your choice will be only SiteCore with unlimited capabilities and only sky will be limit