TinyCLR minimum RAM/FLASH

What are the minimum requirements for a microcontroller to run TinyCLR in terms of RAM and Flash memory?

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We haven’t done any optimization yet but we think we can get it down to 128k flash, even less in the future.

This is one of the great things about the latest 0.12 release. We are stripping whatever we can from the core. This way, you can compile only what you need. We even have greater ambitions for v2 in the future where everything is loaded dynamically but I am not allowed to talk about that :wink:


@Gus_Issa - What is the size currently with all features? Any minimum RAM considerations?

We don’t try for anything smaller yet but it smallest officially supported board uses STM32F401

@Gus_Issa - So a MCU with 256 kB Flash and 96 kB RAM would be fine?

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@Gus_Issa - Can TinyCLR execute from external (from the MCU) flash memory?

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For what I see from gcc .map file the tinyclr code for STM32F407 is 378e4 (227.556 bytes) long, and 24KB of minimum ram allocated.

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If the processor supports it then yes. For example, the new processors can execute on external QSPI FLASH.