TinyCLR - Limitations

I understand that due to resource constraints some things we take for granted in .Net Framework/.Net Core are simply not available when running in TinyCLR. But is there a list of the things we cannot do/use? without such a list developers may try to use something and have no immediate idea that it can’t be used.

For example generics are not support and neither is unsafe code (from what I gathered while perusing the forum and using it led to boards freezing and other far from obvious responses).

It would be most helpful if we either knew ahead of time what these limitations are or had Visual Studio complain if we tried to use them. I imagine getting Visual Studio to warn isn’t too hard because for some time now (since Roslyn was introduced) Visual Studio supports “analyzers” which are third party tools that interact with Visual Studio and report on language use.

I strongly suspect writing one of these isn’t too much effort and I’d be willing to look into this if anyone felt it would be of use.


Having visual studio telling you something is not going to work with TinyCLR ahead of time is great. But like you have discovered, genetics, unsafe, and async. Will not work