TinyClr Imagegen.exe question

I have ported Electron board Which generates: hex, bin, …
I would like to generate glb file from them.
In Cerb configuration, there is : “ImageGenParameters:0x526603B1 0xE16B218D 0x08008000 0x000B8000”

I Wonder where come from values: 0x526603B1 and 0xE16B218D ?

They are magic numbers for the GHI Bootloader that are unique to each device. A glb file is only useful if you have a GHI bootloader for a given device.

Can TinyClr Config use hex or bin file ?
The aim is to update a board with TinyClr Config Which don’t have a bootloader: Electron boards from @Justin. If I can use Firmware Update button of TinyClr Config, it will be marvelous !

Unfortunately it cannot. Each processor manufacturer has a different way of programming. TinyCLR Config only knows how to update the firmware on devices that have a GHI Bootloader.

TinyClr will not able to deploy hex or bin file ? (Future version I say)

@Bauland as for getting the Electron from @Justin flashed with some binaries and start coding c# you may wanne have a look on the nanoFramework Landing Page for general background info or download images from here for more specifics about the Electron board or see on hackster for a little blinky with code example.

@_Peter Thanks for your reply. I know how to deploy firmware on Electron. (I use DfuSeDemo and dfu manager to generate the dfu file), but I would like to do it with TinyClr Config which, if it would be possible, will be easier, as all the other board I have can use it (FEZ Spider, FEZ Cerberus, …). But it appear that only glb file can be deployed with TinyClr.

Yeah, it is a bit … ehm … disappointing … to me …

It’s unlikely for the foreseeable future. Technically TinyCLR Config only requires a serial port that responds to the commands the GHI Bootloader makes available. So you could in theory write your own loader