Tinyclr https

Hi, I was just wondering when tls/https support will be introduced, if not already… as I would like to get some old proof of concept code that uses amqp/mqtt talking to azure/aws… if not in the near future, how good is rip at adding native libraries? Or even the ability to run other RTOS’s on a g400?!

TinyCLR will provide hooks for adding networking support. I’ve of the things we added already is support for ST WiFi modules, and those have TLS built in. We are still working on adding a lot more.

Several things are confusing with that statement. TinyClr is not a RTOS. The G400’s microcontroller is just a chip. It will run any “OS” that you can find a binary for. If you want your own OS then get Keil, and port one of the popular RTOSes like Yocto. Note A RTOS simply has to be deterministic. This could vary by application.

EDIT: The Ardunio platform is considerably deterministic, but it is not an OS.

Actually, one of the things we are welcoming now is opening our products for other software. While we give you the option to use TinyCLR OS, you can run anything else. We no longer lock our SoMs and even expose JTAG.

Take the BrainPad for example, it comes with MakeCode and TinyCLR OS but then it already runs MicroPython, Arduino and mbed, just to name a few!


@Gus_Issa does the G400 and G120 fall into the “unlocked SoM” category?

@Mr_John_Smith there is nothing wrong with my statement, just your interpretation of it… I have a demo that I need to get working and I need to get it done quite fast. TinyCLR would be the easiest way forward, I deemed RLP second if it can use the AWS/AZURE SDK’s, but I am open to porting (AWS owns FreeRTOS and there is a port for the AMTEL microcontroller used on the G400 SoM).

G400 is not locked and we are considering unlocking G120.