TinyCLR emulated protocols

if possible to add at TinyCLR other software protocols like Software I2C

but for other ones SPI and for UART this will fullfilled missed gaps for MCU that have small amount of i2c or spi or uart at hardware side

but with option to enable or disable software emulation at Device.h for example

#useSoftI2C 1
#useSoftSPI 1
#useSoftUART 1
#useSoftCAN 1

(if 1 to be able to compile firwmare with included software based protocols if 0 to not include on firmware)

and in this way will be able to use those protocols on hardware that do not supported or have less hardware than needed

but of course that do not mean to have speed like hardware side also this is just an idea for proposal

Software SPI actually already exists in TinyCLR, used in the same manner as software I2C.

While not as easy to use, you can do software UART using signal generator and capture, though of course a dedicated solution implemented natively would be a bit better. CAN is quite a bit more complex given the nature of the protocol.

STM Electronics provided way for UART for STM32F4 CPU-s …

i belive this could be achived without problem