TinyCLR.Core source

Hi, everyone.

I want to pull request for TinyCLR.Core assembly.(i.e. Add Stopwatch class.)
Could you tell me how to?


You want to add a Stopwatch Class?

It’s one case. :wink:

The libraries are not open source. There is still a ton of work we need to do on them as well.


In short matsujirushi, you can’t add anything to TinyCLR at this time. You can only port it to other processors.

@Mr_John_Smith do you really think John needs you as translator ?
btw John’s answer was shorter with more content…

Wrong. You can extend the core with whatever APIs your heart desires. But you can’t change the core itself, which is a very complex task that most won’t be able to do anyway.

We want to continue to strip things out of the core to make it even more portable.