Tinyclr.com and Internet Explorer 6

The tinyclr web site is useless with internet explorer 6. The colors are off making most of it very hard to read. Also, some items can be put into the shoping cart and some can not.

While I did my shopping with i.e. 8, When I sent my requisition to our purchasing department (who where using the corporate sanctified i.e. 6) they where unable order everything I requested.

You might want to have your webmaster test it.:/:/:confused:

In order to harness the latest improvements in web browser technology we will be not be supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (as well as other older browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers).

Good for you. IAs a web developer, I think it’s about time people stop making things work in IE 6 so people will be forced to upgrade to a browser that isn’t completely outdated. :smiley:

yeah but… IE6 is still supported. Nobody recommends staying there, but still, it’s supported (and prevalent, obviously :frowning: )

And that’s exactly why it’s time to stop making websites and webapps that work with it. It’s time to force people to upgrade.

Ummm… FireFox anyone? :slight_smile:

We test our website with firefox, chrome, IE and even on iphone! But we always assume the user is using the latest of any of the common browsers.

healthy (ish) assumption for hardware tinkerers and home users, especially for nerds like us, but not always so clear-cut for enterprises. Rich Display Applications in use in corporate environments, using legacy browsers, are always slower to react to changing times, making the enterprise lag behind (has anyone tried to get an enterprise wide app like Siebel upgraded?!). In athe case of Fez/GHI, the chances of that affecting anyone are reasonably low but someone’s been (un)lucky enough to be that 1:1,000,000 shot :frowning:

If the web is a problem for placing orders then we are here to take order over the phone :wink:

It wouldn’t make sense to remove features from our website or do some crazy hacks just so it would work with an outdated browser.

Google decided to not support IE6 so someone is on the right track Google Apps Drops Support for IE6