TinyCLR 2.0 Insiders Wanted

Just remember @Brett is running 2hrs late so make it my Monday :smile:


HID? Or something else? I will check with the team.

We are using USB Client Custom Device on G400 and WinUSB on the PC end. Thanks Gus!

Your monday ? It’s my monday too ! :wink:
Can’t wait to have good news …

Won’t be long and it will be Tuesday here :blush:


We are waiting for a couple hours for those that didn’t submit the required paperwork. You will see an email later on today.


Email was sent yesterday. If you haven’t seen it then please check your spam folder please.

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hi Gus,
email was effectively in the spam folder… and it look extremely promising. no way to find an excuse not to ‘play’ with it. It sounds really great. thanks for letting us the chance to try . congratulations to the team :smile:

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I would like to participate but I know that I would not have time to do the work. Have fun guys.:sob:

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There is no work really. It is done. You just have to use it

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I think that what @MNO would say is he have no time to play with it ! :wink:

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Then @MNO should stop sleeping and spend more time playing :slight_smile:


REALLY. Is it still possible to play with TinyClr 2.0 ?

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You know you are one of the special members in this community. Yes you can play.


Thanks for your consideration.:star_struck:
Ok, I’m sending an email today :smile:

And who is able to give public talks/run workshops, in 2020?

A lot will happen in the next couple of months. Join the insider or stay tuned.

About 5 years ago I built a one-off for a client, and based it on (I think) the Panda III - it was a FEZ that was able to do USB Host. I have been asked to build 3 more now, and am looking for a replacement. I would love to stick with C# and also with GHI, and especially the new TinyCLR. But version 1 doesn’t do USB Host. Can I join the insider club and is there USB Host included?

We have USB host and everything else but the insider program is currently closed. We plan to make a public announcement soon.

Waiting (for over a year)… I hope all of the raptor issues are fixed…