Timing in my SPI!


I use a array 60 x 24 Bytes for command a strip led RGB. (1x 24Bytes … 2 x Bytes… etc…)
But i have problem with timing.

I need between two data for the line 1 and 2 for example a time less 50us… (I have 200us…)

You can see a part of my code and a picture of timing measured.

Anybody would have an idea?


if these are WS281x-style LEDs (or similar, that don’t use an actual SPI protocol but a similar output stream) then there’s a way to address this in codeshare. You can use that as the basis for what you do. And code snippets are much better shared as text in your post (there’s a code format button in the toolbar above) rather than just part of a screenshot or picture