Timer Interrupts


Since this is my first attempt at writing code over an OS with OOP (I have pretty solid basis in low level coding in ASM and C),I would like to write an ISR that will execute every timer overflow.

It is harder for us analog HW engineers that deal with power electronics on a daily basis… ;D

I guess this is possible since I see that GPIO ISRs can be written.
Can some please point at any relevant reading material or examples on this (the easier way… :D).

I have successfully used GHI’s Low level Register class to access GPIO registers for testing purpose, so I think I can access any register if this is necessary.


I’m not sure to understand all here, but why don’t you use the Timer class ?

Your question doesn’t really apply here. This is why Bec didn’t understand your question. You are still thinking assembly, ISR and deep low level programming. Things are a lot easier on FEZ


Can the timer class be used to achieve intervals of less than 1 millisecond?


Hi Mipurale, and welcome to the forum.

You have to remember that the netmf is not a real-time environment and you may not get deterministic repeatable breaks in timers.

You’re better off explaining what you’re trying to achieve and then asking what constructs might be most relevant to your scenario. You should also take this question to it’s own thread instead of resurrecting an ancient one.