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Timer interrupt in RLP


So I need a constant timer interrupt done in RLP. How do I do it?

I searched the forums and googled and there isnt anything about it.


you need to use a “task”. You will find it with extensions


There is an example for USBizi “RLP Extensions” in the documentation.


Furthermore, I found the examples in the documentation are for EMX and ChipworkX, no USBizi…


RLP used to be EMX, ChipworkX only feature. Probably just that part of the doc is not updated yet.

This one has USBizi RLP Address information:

[quote]USBizi: by default, RLP is not enabled and locked. Enabling RLP will reserve about 10KB of the user RAM memory for RLP. To enable RLP, call RLP.Enable(). This call is only needed once. It will reserve 10 KB for RLP and then reboot the device automatically. To restore the original RAM configurations without RLP, the firmware must be erased using GHI’s boot loader.
Unlock information is provided online. Unlocking must be done before using RLP each time the application starts.
RLP Address: 0x40000440 Size: 0x000027FC[/quote]


Oh I was referring to the release documentation, not the beta one. The beta one has files for USBizi.

I found something pretty interesting here:

So I will need to run RLP.Enable() only once and forget it?