Time to upgrade PC

This video is a bit old, so things have changed … but it sums up my opinion on the subject

Riiiight ;D Try using exploding bolts for your car’s wheels, and once you reach top speed in the highway… You know… Press the red button and see what happens :smiley:

Nope, unless competition is in the shopping cart :whistle:

I used to be a big fan of AMD for the longest time but then I came to expect they’d always be behind. I’m happy with my switch to Intel.

Given the choice, I’d pick the car that doesn’t crash when this happens :wink:

I had both but now I’m exclusively buying only AMD products, because I simply do not want them to fold (we all know what happens then).

Oh, and for home use, both i7 and FX8350 are frickin’ overpowered and waste of cycles. A pro for AMD, as it is half the price.

Unless, of course, somebody has a cellar full of money and spends more on forks than on CPUs.

I like what AMD does since 15 years.
They keep intel prices down a little bit 8)