Threadneedle the wearable .NetMF board

@ ianlee74 - not so much. It’s a full on CERB 40 reformed into a platform that allows you to use conductive thread to sew it into clothing rather than a gadgeteer mainboard or module.

Yea, I get that. It’s a FEZ Lilypad. It’ll be all the rage with Red Hatters. :smiley:

Where was my brain… It wouldn’t show up in the Gadgeteer designer.

@ ianlee74 - Which one is you on the picture! :smiley:

What has been seen…cannot be unseen.

My wife & her mom were Red Hatters for a few years. It’s much worse than you can imagine… :smiley:

Super cool. I’ve never worked with wearable stuff yet, but always thought it would be fun. Love the logo as well!

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Speaking of wearable… Maybe it’s time for that pimped FEZ (the hat) contest? A bunch of geeks running around MADExpo wearing blinky FEZs would be sure to draw attention. :slight_smile:

im in, and i have a cunning idea :smiley:

RF Pipe networked FEZs? :wink:

oooo, hadn’t thought about that…but now you mention it networked FEZ’s would be a giggle…

hehhehe I best get the thing finished and fabbed then.

If we could have them triangulate and figure out where other FEZs are at then guide them to each other. That would be a hoot!

Hey, Hugh. Is this what you have in mind?

WARNING: If you wouldn’t watch Baywatch at work, then don’t watch this video either :wink:


That vid’s probably worthy of an NSFW warning…just sayin’

I don’t think about work on the weekends… :wink: Added. Thanks.

@ ianlee74 - hahahahahah not exactly but what a great idea. Once i get this made i am expecting you guys to build something awesome!

Ok serious question time. I am trying to work out the best way of auto selecting power on the board. i.e if you have the USB plugged in then great or if you have it battery powered then also cool. but how would i cope with both plugged in?? at the moment the power is either or with a jumper to select the source. i want to get rid of the jumper so the board doesnt care.

@ HughB – perhaps something to follow for v2 of Threadneedle.

@ mhectorgato - That looks pretty cool. I wonder what the coating is?

About 17:30 in, the show their Flora being submerged. Then they mentioned it was coated by “EverWet”, a Rustoleum product.

Hmmm… I thought I posted a link here a few days ago… My phone apparently failed me. It’s actually “NeverWet”.