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Away from technology, programming and electronics.

Can you do this, or your wife?! Do you actually have a knife this big in your kitchen!

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I think the more pertinent question is “would I”? and the answer is NO!

I don’t care how good you are, cutting towards yourself is asking for trouble, and I have the scars to prove it. :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty good display of skills and certainly well practiced. Although they cut towards themselves, they’re not actually doing something that I see as overly dangerous, the wrist is controlling that arcing direction while peeling the apple, so it’s not likely that they’d overshoot. The cuts into quarters and then eigths are a little more precise, but you can tell they only part-way cut into the apple because they “twist” and break the pieces at the end.

Man I wish I could cut things half as good as a practiced chef. I guess that’s years of aprentice practice dicing onions, right?

Wow, that guy is a MACHINE!

I don’t have a knife that big - I do have a 7" chef’s knife, but that thing looks like it’s 12 or 14"… I know Shun makes a 9" Chef’s/Santoku in the collection that I have.

Actually, I take that back, my bread knife is 9" (not Shun) but it’s still dwarfed next to that knife!