This is simply amazing

Have you ever noticed that your water resistant surface just simply…isn’t? Or the fact that your finger prints are currently covering the screen of your “Finger print resistant” screen? Well, kiss those days goodbye. Thanks to Michigan Engineering (Part of the University of Michigan), we now have a truly resilient surface, and not just towards water. Watch as everything from coffee to hydrochloric acid literally bounce off the surface of this new hydrophobic material.

The Artical and video:

Just the video:

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Wow!!! I want to try it on water skies

Be careful…you might end up with something like the buttered bread cat perpetual motion machine:


@ devhammer - that’s epic.

This is the first thing that came to mind for me…

@ ianlee74 - welcome to the real world … it’ called “wok wm”

@ vb-Daniel that looks like loads of fun :slight_smile:

It seems that guy had a lot more drag than Clark. He could probably benefit from some of the new spray :wink: