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This is not promising


Okay, I just received my FEZ Cobra OEM kit. Plugged it into the USB, the unit powers up, displays the GHIGraphicDemo, it runs fine. So far so good.

Then I play the intro youtube video: “FEZ First Power up”. I follow the directions, run the demo. Get some lights to flash. All it good.

Then I decide I’d like to run the GHIGraphicDemo again. Locate the project on this website, download the code, open up the project. It builds. It try to run it on the target and I get the following:

Error 1 Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:ChipworkX

Is the source on the website out of date?

Can anyone help. I’d like to run a more complicated demo so that I can learn from it.


Simple fix man. project properties, last tab, select USB, select your device…even if it’s already selected do it again. Deploy. It will now work.


This error has nothing to do with code at all. You simply need to go in project settings and select EMX for deployment!


DOH! That was it. Thanks alot guys.