This has nothing to do with electronics

Why does 90% of dealing with a doctor have to be negative? Instead of saying “Do ‘this’ or you will die!” can’t they say something more like “It’s great seeing you again, you really should do ‘this’ to help increase the quality or even the longevity of life.”

:frowning: I hope you are getting better.

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@ Architect - I’m getting better but I had to see the doctor yesterday and got the speech, they rushed my blood test and got the results today and then called me and gave me the same speech. I’m the one who was hospitalized so I get how serious it is, how about you as the doctor bring some damn sunshine into this s**t and let’s get better, lol! ;D

@ Gary - Thank the lawyers…

Doctors have to be very explicit in what they say to avoid getting sued later. Implicit often does not work…

For example:

Doctor: Eating less fats will improve the quality of your life.
Patient: I have a great quality of life now. No need to put down this fried chicken leg.

@ Mike - It just seems everything we are encouraged to do, the encouragement is done by fear. Do ‘this’ or ‘that’ terrible thing is going to happen. For some things I get it but for others come on give me a break.

I’m sorry to hear this news. But you need to change ! Immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, do what they say. Stop typing, just do it. Now. Or Else.

It’s important, right ?


Anyone else proactively been to see a doc lately ?

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@ Brett - Doctor Who?

@ Gary - sounds to me like your doctor is contributing to your stress level (there are lots of witnesses…). Remember, there are lots of doctors out there. Find you a kind-hearted female one if that makes you happy.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that most people that they see are there because of their own negligence. Imagine if most of your customers came to you because they plugged their FEZ into the 110V source and then complained it wasn’t working as designed…

I have this great doctor. I love him. One day he says, “Bob, your potassium is a bit low.” I say, I know, but there are only so many days you can eat bananas before you never want to see another banana." He says, “French Fries are high in potassium.”


That’s my kind of doctor!

@ ianlee74 - Only our insiders and closest members/friends do that! lol… just kidding before you guys blow-up my email!

He’s been my doctor a long time and the last time I saw him before having to be admitted, I walked in with a pack of the “wax” type chocolate donuts and a pop, so I can’t really complain but this forum is my “facebook” so I had to vent somewhere!

Why say it again when @ ianlee74 said it so eloquently!

@ Mike - Ironically, I was talking to some friends yesterday about lawyers and how sue happy we are in this country. Mainly because of Sony and the movie theaters pulling the movie “The Interview” because of the terrorist threats and how people would sue the movie theaters. And now insurance companies are going to start selling “terrorist” type add-ons for business and personal insurance.

It is sad that your culture is sue happy Gary. I lost my job in the UK years ago because we decided to work with a US company and we made a tiny mistake of putting their logo on our website. I was a genuine mistake and removed it as soon as the US company told us about it but then they hit is with a law suit saying we were stealing their technology, which was defo not the case. It cost the company so much money we had nothing left to do business with and the company closed the doors. In the end the US company went out of business too so that was a good thing but it put a lasting impression on me and to this date I still don’t do business with the US, at least not in sales. I buy loads from the US though. I just won’t do any sales, at least not without some seriously heavy paperwork to protect my business.

Very sad indeed.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - Even at the hospital, everyone was asking if I was going to sue. Why would I sue unless his insurance didn’t cover the bills. Unfortunately, I probably could of sued and gotten a couple of thousand for pain and suffering, but for those of us with full time schedules of kids and jobs, who has time to sue.