Third Preview of TinyCLR OS Core Features

For the capacitive touch LCD’s you can simply use the I2C driver that Skewworks created for the Newhaven displays. This will work with any FT5x based touch interface.

I have tried it and it does not work as expected. I have updated Skewworks source to use TinyCLR I2C and Gpio for the Interrupt Pin. I only get TouchDown and TouchMove events. No TouchUp events are generated.

Can you try it and see what results you get?

@ Gus - Great, so Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Client works with TinyCLR?

is there some documentation on how to flash the firmware on the G120 with TeraTerm?

At some point it should but now TinyCLR is an early preview, not even a beta yet. It is still missing a lot of features.

Do you have SoM module or on mainboard (and which model ?) ?

It can be useful : [url][/url]

@ scardinale - The list is not meant to be and is nowhere near exhaustive. Touch is something we will be investigating.

Is there some way we can vote on features to help certain things get bumped up the list. EG: For me, USB host is more important than other things.

I may have missed it but can the old Cerb family be updated to TinyCLR OS?

If the board doesn’t start with a “G” I wouldn’t expect any love going forward. Cerberus is still my favorite of all the GHI boards, though :’(

@ Mr. John Smith - I don’t think so. Even EMX seems to not be able to run tinyclr, but I hope I said a mistake.

Since when we do not give all our products love? Dust off your cerb boards.


If I can dust off cerb and spider I, it’s not my mainboards that’ll be loved, but GHI !!!


@ Gus - So I take it that’s a yes. Can I just treat them as a G80?

No they are NOT a G80. But I suspect Gus will make a FUTURE announcement that helps - not that the third preview supports it

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Why the rush? Dust off the boards and install vs2017… And stay tuned :wink: