Third Gadgeteer Class - Even More Interest

I tried to limit my class sizes to 10 as I only have 10 Surface Pro 3’s to handout but this class had 12 in it as some folks brought their own laptops (and own Gadgeteer Kits as well), so another huge success and again more SCADA dudes blown away with how easy Gadgeteer is to use.

I have to take the next Wednesday off for a User Group Meeting but then its back to Wednesday Gadgeteer Classes at the Microsoft Store in Calgary. We decided to move the class start time up 30 minutes as we were going to store closing time (and beyond) every night with Q&A as folks were really getting into it. So if you know anyone in the Calgary area who would like to join in on one of these classes below are the registration links for the first 3 classes in April.

April 1st Microsoft Store & billing help

April 8th Microsoft Store & billing help

April 15th Microsoft Store & billing help


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