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ThingSpeak API client for Cobra and EMX


I wrote an API client for ThingSpeak and documented it on the wiki
I’m having trouble to insert my page into the cathegories. Can someone help me out with that ?


Very nice! I will request for it to be added to the tutorial page here

What do you think?


Note that we will require to give the page similar look to other tutorials but I will take care of that.


That’s find.
Let me know the link.
I’d like to add a link back from (tutorials page) back to tinyclr as well.


PS you guys never sleep ?
What time zone are you in ?
It’s Saturday you know


GHI is on EST but you are right, I think the GHI team never sleeps.


Nice work! thank you stefaanV.

By the way, I like your crocodile. We should take it, put a fez on his head and we get a logo for a new FEZ board “FEZ Croco”. lol


Great timing! I was messing around with ThingSpeak tonight using a RN-XV WiFly Module on a Panda. Teamed up with my phone’s wifi hotspot, I can do some nice portable online real time data logging.

With the new GHI WiFi module and a Spider the possibilities really open up. Thanks for saving me some coding time!

[edit] @ Joe - FEZ Gator has a better ring to it, don’t you think? :smiley: