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They see me rollin'


they hatin’

(Yes, I know the pic is kinda crap, but I could find any better place to take it. Hint: look at the shirt I am wearing)


Monkey robot man lol


I want one. ;D


Where is mine? :’( :’( :’( :’(


Time for GHI to start “apparel” section on the web store.


Where did you get it anyway? ???


OK, background,

For the past 2 years, I have been going to an engineering conference in Denver, Colorado called “EntConnect”.

(BTW: if you are around the Denver area, I very highly recommend Entconnect if you’d like to meet like minded nerds.)

I am going again this year, and my presentation this year was going to be what I have been doing since I was last there. A big part of my life this past year has been NETMF, so that is going to be a big part of my presentation.

I wanted a NETMF shirt of something to wear, but I looked all over and didn’t find anything. Eventually, I made my way around to asking vendors and when I asked Gus, he was kind enough to shoot out the style of shirt they made for the maker fair.

TL;DR: Engineering conference, needed something geeky-ish to wear.


Looking hawt.

Btw, as a tip for getting photos of yourself: Hand the camera to someone else :stuck_out_tongue:


Easier said than done when there is nobody else in the house and no good spots to set the camera down with the timer on. Guess I could’ve use a tripod though… meh, too much effort.


You could write an IR remote program to fire the shutter half a dozen times from across the room while you experiment with just the right pose…


your profile picture should be one with the FEZ robot shirt :slight_smile:


Too bad it’s too small to be able to make out what’s on my shirt… I’ll take a better picture sooner or later…


I want a fan shop >:( :smiley:




Nobody kicks it like the Goo (aka Scott Goo)
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But Scott was there. Lucky dog. Guess it pays to be a geek.