There are nothing when I open a new Gadgeteer 4.1 project in toolbox

My GHI sdk is 4.2.

When I open a Gadgeteer 4.1 project, I can’t see any module in the toolbox?


Tsu, check threads in this search:

Some people had that issue in the past.

I have just tried to create Gadgeteer 4.1 project and toolbox is indeed empty. If you right mouse click inside Toolbox window and select “Show All” you will see all toolbox items including Gadgeteer but they all are disabled. I think it is a flaw with Gadgeteer visual designer.

However here is how you can work around this. Start with Gadgeteer 4.2 project drop all modules that you need on the design surface (including main board), connect them and then change you target framework back to 4.1.

Thanks Architect:

The SDK upgrade is always troubled me.
For example, my wifi module is works on 4.1, but not works on 4.2.
But I have already change all mainboard firmware and SDK to 4.2.
Now I need uninstall all and reinstall all boards firmware and older SDK.

Yeah I always try to get on the latest, unless you really-really need to get back.

GHI made a decision to pull the 4.1 gadgeteer drivers from the installer. So you can go way back and use the ~April installer from the boneyard .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics or you can stay with 4.2

OK, I know I should keep some of my FEZs to stay on previous SDK in the future.


@ Tzu Hsuan - 4.1 drivers and code was removed from the main installer, and is now available as a separate download package on this page

It is labeled 4. (Optional) GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK Sep. 14, 2012 and you will be required to login to your MyGHI account to download it.

@ James - This is about Gadgeteer 4.1 project toolbox. Installation of the Optional item 4 doesn’t help.

@ Architect - correct.