The Windows 10 IoT Core Challenge

Some sweet prizes - easy pickings for many of the members here…


I won’t presume that it’s easy picking for me, but I submitted my current project. If nothing else it would be motivation to get it built faster.

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@ ransomhall - Good link.

Now to think of some diabolical IoT home automation plan. Perhaps involving tracking my children through the house. :slight_smile:

Nice! Too bad its such a short timeline. Thanks for sharing.

Ever so tempting, but even though it is not in the rules, I don’t think they are looking for Microsoft employees to enter.
Not like I don’t have other stuff to do. I just have the attention span of a hyperactive ferret. (Ooooo! shiny!)


I understand that problem all too well. If you can’t sleep and want to throw something together, just DM me and I’ll submit it for you and we’ll split the prize :wink: