The whole website is under construction

We apologize for any inconvenience, the whole website is under construction. Please bare with us and we promise that you will love the new changes…ok not promise, we hope :slight_smile:

We are updating the forum, the products, the user profile, adding all features you have requested and adding a long list of GHI-engineers’ wish list. Too many things to do in a very small time :smiley:

We hope to have it all completed by the end of this week.

Sounds exciting!

Thank you

Needs more Geocities “under construction” GIFs randomly placed around the site…

Gus, do you ever sleep?

Gus does. Josh… Not so much.

Gus doesn’t sleep. He’s a piece of software. I’ve seen him online at 3 or 4 am when he’s going off to bed and then back up at 6am… because he had a cool idea. lol.

I fixed the logged issues and ranking should update correctly. Nothing with the log in or unread mechanism was changed. However, the ranking error may have caused issues with both. These may have been resolved. Please let me know.

Looks good to me


Email notifications from threads are still broken. I just got this from one of my threads:

As you can see the link is messed up.


So Gus will be starring in Tron 2.0 then?