The Special TSA Search

Got the full treatment at DCA (Washington DC airport) as I had a bag full of giveaways from Gus. They were funny

Them, after opening each and every kit, wiping them down with the explosives scanner etc. “Are you building a computer or something?”

Me thinking "No, I’m build homicidal robots."
Me thinking “Hmm. I had better not say that if I want to make it to HDC and still be able to walk.”

Me: “Yes, tiny computers.”


Wow! How long did it take them to go through all that?

Love it! Funny :slight_smile:

Nice! It took me a surprisingly long time to learn to refrain from similar smart a$$ comments when talking to anyone who has the authority to do that kind of “full monty” search…

LOL that is funny…
I’m surprise you got away with the picture though… i guess they were busy looking for that Monkey… you know the Most wanted FEZ Monkey in America… :wink:

My first thought was “how did he take that picture?”

Classic :smiley:

Pete has built in camera in his eye. :wink:

Pete, I’m glad you survived and no monkeys were harmed in the process. I don’t know how I’m going to fly to MadExpo next year with my Zombie gun…

I took the photo with my phone, which was in a different bin (it takes me 3 bins to get through security, usually). My only real annoyance was they wouldn’t let me have my belt (which was in the bin with GHI stuff) until after the search.

Absolutely did not want my pants falling down in security. :slight_smile:


I thought everyone got that treatment. I don’t take my gadgeteer stuff as carry on as the fifty questions game is old, so I check that stuff in and let the guys in the back have fun figuring out what it is, and I know they do as I get the TSA card in the luggage every time and really I don’t mind as guess what gadgeteer stuff looks like in a x-ray. Airport security has always been a source of entertainment for me, can’t change it so just accept it and deal with it.

@ ianlee74 good luck with your zombie gun, you might get the most ‘personal’ service you’ve ever had from security :slight_smile:

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I flew from New Orleans to Ottawa back in 2003 (TechEd). I had empty plastic container, that somewhat looks like a hand grenade. They served drinks using these. That was a mistake!

:smiley: Oh, I have some New Awlins Hand Grenade stories… wrong forum. :wink:

Oh yeah, in Australia you don’t get good looks if you’re using your phone or camera in and around airport security checkpoints. I’m surprised that there wasn’t a squad of men with rubber gloves snapping on that came running when you took that shot

Oh, they don’t exactly encourage you to take photos. I was discrete with the camera. I’m not going to go out of my way to get under their skin, but at the same time, I will ensure my rights are being respected.