The solder buddy

This is a pretty cool little project.

[em]Quote from the site
This contraption was designed to feed solder wire down a (brake) cable – to automatically feed it to the user as they soldered. The powered winding of the wire was provided by a servo motor (with the locking pin removed), rolling between a bearing with elastic bands glued on (for friction)[/em]


Nice contraption! I could use one.

Me too, im always bending the end of my solder wire whilst trying to not burn my fingers.

With as many years as this kind of technology has been used (in almost any kind of welder), I’m shocked this is just now coming up as a project, as well as I’m grunting a bit for not thinking of this myself! Great find Hugh, and thanks for sharing, there will be a few servo and brake lines to be bought in my near future…

Oh man, I want that!