The rebirth of DUE!

We have learned many lessons from this “DUE” experiment. It was interesting to see how scripts can be incorporated in end customer’s unique situations.

The most important lesson was that the power of DUE was in its simplicity. We took this to heart and completely simplified DUE!

Why am I sharing this? We are going to introduce a new way to control SITCore, starting with SC13. SITCore will soon optionally carry a special DUE firmware, that is not TinyCLR. This DUE firmware gives the device access to the PC’s full fledged .NET, JavaScript and Python, tunneled over USB. These are not “micro” versions, but instead the full language. The DUE firmware also includes DUE scripts/interpreter to allow for internal real-time processing. This is especially exciting on FEZ and BrainPad.

We should have preliminary docs/firmware in the next few days.


Would it be safe to assume this new DUE firmware would run on the SCD-13048Q development board. I have a mouser order to place and was thinking of picking one up.

yes sir, it will work

And it was reborn… and it is fantastic!!!