The problem with the delivery device

It happened I have a problem, I ordered the device and the Hydra at customs, he was sent back to the sender. If anyone can tell me what to do.

If it was sent back to GHI then we will contact you when we receive it back.

@ Gus - And if he lost. I wrote a letter to the GHI but has not yet received an answer. Russian Customs sent the goods back to 11/06/2012.You can support the search for my parcel.

If you used FedEx like we recommend then you can easily track your package on their website.

No I do not use this form. Parcel has been sent USPS Priority Mail International

Once again, I happened problem with delivery of my order, I wrote a check to send GHI requested but no reply received.

LJ695775875US tracking

Did you use fedex shipping this time?

What country are you in? Other then the dog sled mail being a tad slow at crossing the vast frozen wilderness of Canada, I have no problem getting stuff from GHI here.


Yes, I am from Russia. Just a lot of writing that courier service does not extend to Russia and even goes a little expensive. Architect you also from Russia.