The next NETMF version

Huge thanks to Microsoft for listening. The next release of NETMF will be mainly to make a better user experience, faster deploying, faster boot, optimization and other improvements.

Uh, I don’t think so… 2012 maybe? :smiley:


[quote]Status and Tentative Schedule
We are already working on some of the above items. Although we cannot yet release a detailed schedule at this time, we are targeting an Alpha or Beta release by June and RTM by Septemeber 2012. [/quote]

I found documentation on port is old not reflecting current state of the kit. I wish it would be as good as MSDN at least.

@ Gus

Thanks for sharing this here. Lots of good suggestions there.

NETMF is a very small team, and community-driven, so that’s probably an unrealistic goal for the team. Good to suggest, though. Even better to find some community folks willing to help if you know anyone.

I’m in the same org with the MSDN writers. Trust me in that it’s a HUGE team of people writing (and translating) content. I’ll let them know how much you like their stuff :slight_smile:


I perfectly understand that. That is why I only [italic]wished[/italic] for it. :wink:
I would love to contribute, but first I need to gain a deeper knowledge about the whole architecture. I am getting there, though. Having a good and up to date documentation would’ve helped me to get there faster. So it is a chicken and egg sort of problem.

Do port contributors gain access to their code in the main repository?

Meaning, if I contribute a port for the next-gen SuperFoo processor, and there’s a SuperFoo directory under targets/native, can I commit to it?

Try NETMF forum.