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Have a look at what I just Ordered … eager to play with …

[url]32F746GDISCOVERY - Discovery kit with STM32F746NG MCU - STMicroelectronics


@ .Peter. - Having not used any of the discovery boards, how hard is it to get NETMF running on one of these?

hmm… since you have a hammer … it shouldn’t be that hard …

… but seriously …

I’ve got three types of discovery boards. The smaller board I cut off the ST-Link part of the PCB and made myself half a USB cable and arranged a STM32F411 FW from a friend we both know. The STM32F4Discovery board with the 407 MCU and without LCD and the STM32F429I-DISCO board, the one with the unsupported LCD, is the same. The STM32F4Discovery board is one the board modelled for 4.4, thanks to user CW. Have a look at GitHub - NETMF/netmf-interpreter: .NET Micro Framework Interpreter for more info.

For the succesful burn of netmf, follow the cerb FW burn, so put the boot marked pin on the discovery boards to vcc, reset or power on the board, burn the tinybooter.dfu file with the DFuSe program from ST ( to the board, reset and put tinyclr with MFDeploy on it and of you go.


Is there much difference in the F7 processor though ?

My next project (after I clear the current backlog) :
This is the hardware core of wearables like the DM360 is for sale | HugeDomains

4Mb RAM, 4Gb Flash, ARM-based, GSM/GPRS, GPS/Glonass, wifi, BLE, 240x240 cap touch, 53x53x16 mm

It’ll be a ground-up porting job with LOTs of new firmware support needed for all the various goodies. This will be a real test of endurance - Not a weekend lark for sure, and there are infinite opportunities to fail, but if I get 4.4 or some future AOT version working, I’ll use it as part of the Radius .Net Wearables Core effort. I’ll buy a few more link-its and some cello-tape and call it a smartwatch. Reserve yours today.

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Can I please request you stop posting stuff like this?

I find it hard to resist the temptation to add to my collection of bits and bobs and my wife keeps asking when I will have one of my 1000’s (may be an exaggeration but it looks like that to her) of projects completed.



I doubt I can oblige you on that one. But I have a similar situation. I keep telling my wife that I will finish all that stuff … no need to keep reminding me every six months.

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Yesterday I have ordered 2 of the “32F746GDISCOVERY” at RS.
I hope, they are still delivered before the week-end… ;D

Have a look here if you didn’t before, but same pinout compare to the STM32F4, more ram, almost same frequency, more than double the MIPS … minor diffs … or STM32F7 - Very high-performance MCUs with Cortex-M7 - STMicroelectronics

STM32F4 = 225 MIPS @ 180 MHz
STM32F7 = 462 MIPS @ 215 MHz

BUT, we may not need this kind of horse power in the future with LLILUM coming …

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“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” – Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

Don’t worry - we’ll think of something to do with it – me.

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So my point was - no port available for the F7 yet. Some smart bunny in NZ better get his act together. :slight_smile: .