The next Gadgeteer mainboard?

As everybody already knows, some time ago Gus found his old history schoolbooks (probably while making room for a new project) and has been reading about Greek mythology (think Hydra, Cerberus). :wink:

But while playing with my Spider another figure from the Greek mythology came to mind. When I plug all the cables I have into my Spider it looks a little bit like Medusa.

Or did I just spoil an upcoming announcement for a new Gadgeteer mainboard? :smiley:

I guess you haven’t seen this thread? ;D

I actually did see that thread when it was active, but didn’t remember Medusa was on the list. :-[

Probably should use that “Search the forum” option a little more frequent.

The medusa name was on the list buy GHI developers voted no :frowning:

We’re always trying to figure out how to get more females involved in high tech. Opportunity missed… :wink: