The new Azure features are looking impressive

Oooh! I love the new VM support.

I see a picture of a penguin!

Strange and funny, though probably expected.

Just knocked up a blog site. It took 2 minutes to do (Including creating admin account) And it’s free (Although limited bandwidth)

Obviously this was just a test and will probably be deleted at the weekend :wink:

Yup, they now support Linux VM’s. Or you can upload any OS on a VHD and host a VM.

I did the same with an Umbraco site. It took under 10 minutes from signup to the site being ready. Very cool! Now to figure out what this would cost to keep up once the trial ends…
(just a standard Umbraco template)

The VM support is by far the coolest thing to me. You can apparently upload & download VMs to Azure now. How many times have you had a production problem and wished you could make a copy of the server and put it on your laptop to debug w/o worrying about breaking production. This makes that completely possible & easy (minus the possibly ginormous download…)

@ ianlee74 - These websites are free for the first year and you can have up to 10 according to the Scott Gu presentation. But have a limited daily bandwidth. They cost if you upgrade to dedicated VM’s.

Also it’s great to finally be able to manage these sites from a phone or tablet web browser. The old portal required silverlight.

Yea…the question I’ve still got to figure out is what is it going to cost after that year. I’ve been wanting to move my blog to something better than Blogger that will allow me to also add custom dev code. Umbraco on Azure looks to be a great fit but not if it’s going to cost me an arm & a leg after the trial is up.

Looks like $5.12/mo is the minimum (that’s 100MB of database space, 1GB of bandwidth). That’s for shared hosting. That’s not a good deal at all, as shared hosting goes. It could possibly perform better than normal cheap shared hosting (which is notorious for being horrible).

The response from those sites you’ve build is rather slow (at least from this side of the world (Europe))

Agreed. But that may have as much to do with the fact that the sites are just right out of the (auto installer) box and haven’t been tuned at all yet. The cache probably times out quickly also since they aren’t receiving any hits.

I received an email from Azure saying that the site I had setup had been turned off for exceeding the spending limit. That’s funny since I haven’t touched it again since I set it up and people reading this thread are the only ones that know the URL. I can’t imagine how it got any traffic. I can’t find anything on Azure that gives me the details to see how much traffic it got and where it came from. This is the sort of thing that scares me about moving my blog to this sort of service. You never know when you’re going to have a month that’s going to end up costing who knows how much just to keep it up. :frowning:

Be like me and write boring stuff or don’t bother updating things. Seems to work well ! :slight_smile:

You know, I tried that, but it didn’t work. People even commented on my boring stuff! I was shocked and horrified.