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The link for the beta download


Here you go, have fun with ranking up…

A quick note, like the page said, we are experiencing some very strange behavior when we create custom devices. You can still emulate, mouse, keyboard, mass storage and CDC as explained in documentation.


Very nice, I’ll test this out now.

Also, LOL at the FEZ monkey picture.


Great I’ll try to give it a whirl this weekend after I get my Cable Tester contest entry complete (well, complete enough to be usefully functional anyhow.)


Great! Me and Chris were already waiting for this :wink:

Hahahahahah awesome picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Welp, I just installed the SDK, reloaded the firmware, updated the assemblies included in my project and reloaded it onto the Cobra. So far, so good.


Thanks Gus :slight_smile:


I noticed there is no link to the beta online documentation. Will there be a link or is this only for the testers?


We will fix that but here is the link